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Matrix 360 Support Contract

Get Better Support with Sustainable Practices

Our Matrix 360 Support Contract customers get the best access to experienced help. Whether you need remote support for a down instrument, offline access to key knowledgebase articles, helpful training videos, inhouse or depot repairs, we’ve got you covered.

What's included in your contract?

Every new Certus Flex comes with a 12-month warranty. Repair costs for all non-wetted parts – including parts, labor, and shipping – are fully covered for this period.


Your Matrix 360 Warranty includes more:

  • Custom, in-depth user trainings, recorded and securely accessible for future access and onboarding of new team members

  • Responsive, US-based, remote technical and application support bringing decades of experience into your lab

  • A supportive user community with regular events to engage with other experts and optimize your procedures

  • Exclusive access to user portal with on-demand technical notes and troubleshooting videos

  • Flexible support options can include on-site, in-depot, and live virtual troubleshooting

  • Discounted costs for any additional application support, for factory and site acceptance testing support, or for service work outside of warrantied parts

A Matrix 360 Support Contract can be extended in 12-month intervals and will include all the benefits of your warranty, plus an onsite Preventative maintenance visit to keep your instrument in its best shape.

Screenshot 2024-01-11 135812_edited.png

Preventative Maintenance Visits

An annual on-site PM will ensure your device stays at its best. The travel, labor, and parts costs are included for the visit. Have more than one Certus on site? We can schedule your instruments’ PMs together. We pass the savings on to you, and together we leave a smaller travel footprint.

  • We coordinate with your users to get a complete picture of your device’s regular usage and any concerns you might have

  • We back up your database to a location of your choosing to enable smooth data recovery in the instance of computer failure

  • We inspect all lines, kits, and air manifolds/connections and replace as needed

  • We check air pressure regulator and axis movements to catch signs of and prevent module failure

  • We change all O-rings to protect against leakage/early failure

  • We offer installation of recommended firmware/software updates (at user’s discretion)

  • We communicate best practices based on observations

  • We provide maintenance accessories as applicable

Contact our support team today for more information.

We’re constantly innovating, and our contract customers have immediate access to the latest updates in our support offerings!

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