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The Cleaning station offers you a quick and easy way to automatically clean SMLD micro valves and achieve your ideal cleaning results. Designed by carefully listening to customer feedback, the Cleaning Station helps to save precious time and optimizes cleaning results of the micro valves especially when work processes are tightly regulated.

Cleaning Station

  • Use up to 3 cleaning solutions in the same program on a maximum of 8 micro valves simultaneously. The Cleaning Station comes pre-programed with 3 pre-configured cleaning programs. It is also possible to design and save your own cleaning programs to meet your specific requirements


    Features and Benfits

    • Automated cleaning process guarantees consistent cleaning quality using easy to set cleaning programs
    • Use up to 3 different cleaning fluids in same program
    • Used cleaning fluids are collected in a waste bottle for ease of disposal
    • Utilize one of the 3 pre-configured cleaning programs or quickly and easily program your own cleaning process.
    • Forward and reverse cleaning
    • Automatic drying of the micro valves with compressed air from built-in air supply
    • Usable with Gyger G, GC and GCR valve types
    • Compatible with ultra-sonic bath
    • Aggressive and heated cleaning fluids can be used
    • Clean up to 8 micro valves simultaneously
    • Built-in touch screen for easy user experience (no pc required)
    • No tools needed
    • Space saving design means a small footprint in your lab.

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