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Certus Flex Microdispenser

Microdispensing at its best. 

Flexibility to use the solvents you need, across an ideal range of dispensing volumes, at speeds that keep your laboratory flowing. The Certus Flex is a modular system in two basic versions, with 5 or 8 individually controllable channels. These channels can be equipped with different valves to facilitate ideal dispensing of substances with different physical properties.

< 3.0 %CV 0.05 – 0.1 µl
< 2.0 %CV 0.10 – 1.0 µl
< 1.0 %CV 1.0 – ꝏ µl

< ±3.0 % 0.05 – 0.5 µl
< ±2.0 % 0.5 – 1.0 µl
< ±1.5 % 1.0 – ꝏ µl

> 0.05 nl


(8 valve in parallel)
96 wells, 20 µl within 7 s
384 wells, 5 µl within 11 s
1536 wells, 0.5 µl within 27 s

Flexible Fluid Options To Meet Your Exact Needs

The Certus Flex has been developed for contactless dispensing of a broad range of liquid substances and large molecules, all with a focus on greatest accuracy. Fluids can be supplied to the dispenser from bottles and tubes for bulk dispensing, or from syringes to achieve the lowest dead volumes. This allows you to more effectively dispense smaller volumes and high value substances from luer-lock syringes (from 3 - 60 mL).​ 

With an assortment of valve sizes, you can dispense a wide range of fluid types Including:

  • Aqueous solutions

  • Organics

  • DMSO

  • Solvents

  • Detergents

  • Buffers

  • Cells

  • DNA

  • Proteins

  • Oils (with viscosity up to 200mPas)

  • Media Mixes

  • And More! 



The Certus Control PC Software is both intuitive and easy to program.

With a windows-based user interface, the Certus Control PC software has a familiar look and feel, making everyday use straightforward. Both basic and complex dispense patterns can be created, with the software, or by importing CSV, to allow the Flex to compliment your workflow seamlessly.

Broad Range of Application Areas

Due to its unique edibility, accuracy and economy the Certus Flex can be used in a large number of laboratory application areas, such as:

  • Drug Discovery

  • HTS (High Throughput Screening)

  • Compound Management

  • Biochemical and Cell Based Assays

  • Cancer Research

  • Genomics and Proteomics Research

  • PCR and Protein Crystallography

  • Environmental and Chemical Research

  • Cosmetics Development and Testing

  • Nutritional Science and Food Technology

  • And More! 

Think the Certus Flex is right for your lab? Contact us now for more information.


Matrix 360 Support 

At Matrix Fluidix we combine the amazing technology of the Certus Flex, with our Matrix 360 Support. Our complete support solution offers a nurturing environment for your labs to thrive and grow, with fast response times, custom product trainings, virtual user group events, application tools, innovative software add-ins, and more. 

Interested in learning more about having our Matrix 360 Support for your team?

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