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Surgical Mask

Why Masks?

Our team at Matrix Fluidix is dedicated to protecting ourselves and our communities. One of the most important ways we do this, is by masking and social distancing at indoor events. Learn more about the impact masks have on our community below.

Masking According To The CDC

Anyone working with cells and cultures is no stranger to the importance of wearing a mask. Now that Covid-19 quarantine restrictions have ended, it remains important for the health and safety of our communities to remember to take active steps in preventing the spread of pathogens. 

According to the CDC information page on masks, masking is a critical public health tool and it is important to remember that any mask is better than no mask. In December 2023, the CDC released an official health advisory for the 2023-2024 winter season, due to reports of increased respiratory disease across multiple countries including the United States. 


The top recommendations to prevent the spread of illness is to social distance where possible and to utilize masks and respirators when this is not possible. Masks and respirators are made to contain droplets and particles you breathe, cough, or sneeze out, so you do not spread them to others. Depending on the type of mask and how closely they to the face, they can also provide some protection from particles spread by others. 

Learn more about the importance of masks according to the CDC.

Where Should You Mask?

1 / Indoor Events & Trade Shows

It is recommended to mask any any situation, when physical distancing is not possible or when you are in crowded indoor or outdoor public settings.

2 / Traveling

Planes, Trains, Buses and other methods of transportation where you will be in an enclosed poorly ventilated space, especially if it is for a long period of time on crowded conveyances.

3 / When You Are Sick

If you are sick, please take the proper precautions to limit the spread of illness by quarentining yourself and not going out. If you do need to 

Surgical Mask

What to do with used masks?

Use a Recycling Program

While you can't just toss your PPE into your regular blue bins, there are several companies working to reduce the environmental affect of PPE through their collection & recycling programs.

Companies like VIDA, Refactory & Terracycle offer paid recycling programs for bulk masks. 

Upcycle Your Masks

There are multiple ways to upcycle parts or whole masks depending on how creative you want to get. Recent studies have even shown masks can make effective insolation for industrial use.

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