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We believe it is imperative that companies give back to their communities and take responsibility for their own impacts on the planet. 

At Matrix Fluidix, we implement sustainable practices across the board without compromising on the products or services we provide. Learn more on what this means to us below.


Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is built in to our daily practices, and we connect monthly as a whole team to review where we are succeeding and where we could improve on operating in a responsible way.

We prioritize having top-of-the-line remote support capabilities to ensure we are able to keep our customers running without expensive, unnecessary travel. We focus on planful service events, with carefully considered shipping and travel needed. When traveling is needed, we create combined opportunities to make it worthwhile. 

We strive to keep the planet at the forefront of decisions around logistics and materials.

Giving Back

Whether through volunteering in our community, or ensuring we are giving part of our profits back to certified environmental charities, at Matrix Fluidix we will be part of the solution.

In June 2024, we joined 1% for the Planet to solidify our commitment to the cause. We join with other like-minded companies in ensuring we make a positive impact on the world.

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